Web enabled credit checking. Your data stays on your intranet - never up in the cloud!

How it works:

CE-ASP Web is a collection of 40 ASP (Active Server Page) web pages you install and host on your corporate Intranet web site. The ASP web pages connect your CLE or CPE databases to your Intranet. Then using just a web browser a user can login and view and/or edit their credits and personal information on-line.

Each user is given a login username and password to access only their credit and personal information. You control their permissions of who has view-only access and who can update their information.

Users in remote branch offices with access to your corporate Intranet can also login and access their CLE/CPE information.

Try it now We have CE-ASP Web running on this web site. Click the button to login to CE_ASP Web.

Putting it all together.
Use our CLE Tracker and CPE Reporter programs to build and manage multiple databases for all your branch locations and connect them to your IntraNet. As each user logs in, they will be connected to the proper database and have access to only their information. And you continue to use CLE Tracker or CPE Reporter to run company wide reports.

Complete Web-based administration:
Using a web browser the administrator can create new user login accounts, disable or delete existing logins and assign permissions.

System Requirements:
CE-ASP Web requires a web server that can process ASP (Active Server Pages). The pages has been tested with Microsoft Internet Information Server 4, IIS 5 and IIS 6. The CE-ASP Web pages have also been tested using an Appache web server with the ChiliSoft ASP add on product to provide ASP functionality. (For more information about this configuration please contact us at By hosting the CE-ASP web pages on your corporate Intranet, your data never has to leave the building and you are not relying on an outside hosting company.Your data is never stored up in the cloud.

For a more detailed technical explanation of how CE-ASP Web pages work, download our CE-ASP Web Pages Installation and Administration Guide. It has valuable information to assist your webmaster in setting up the ASP web pages and connecting the databases.

Section 508 Compliant.
All our CE-ASP Web pages are Section 508 compliant with the Americans with Disibilities Act. Section 508 (see Voluntary Product Accessibility Template)